Case Studies
Proprietary Control System
I worked in conjunction with Whitfield Welding's R&D team to create a software (C#) closed loop system to control a proprietary system. This required the mounting of a camera to a robot end effector. Using video output from the camera we calculated process changes and adjusted the proprietary system accordingly, this was achieved through an analog output.
Software Development
Work Flow and Website
Whitfield Welding Inc. had in place a custom operations management software. The program was 7 years old and built in a way that made it unable to scale with Whitfield’s growth. I was tasked with rebuilding the software with a more module design. This software tracks jobs as they move through different processes at Whitfield Welding, from receiving to shipping. We tied this software into Whitfield Welding’s website, allowing clients to log in and track their individual job’s current status as well as giving the owner the ability to monitor the plant remotely.
Software Development